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Sometimes issues arise so quickly they require an immediate response.  When I read a newspaper article or see a newscast that makes me say, "Hey, I can't let that go unanswered" - I need to get my position out quickly and to as wide an audience as possible.  I've found Letters to the Editor to be a great way to communicate. I'm providing some examples of Letters to the Editor that I've written over the past year.  They address some of the major concerns facing families in Arizona.  During the coming months I'll be adding more information in the form of print media and videos.  Please feel free to read and view them to get a feel for my passion and determination to return Arizona to the people who live and work here - not outside corporate interests.

It's Time to Pay Attention

Lack of Funding Serious Problem

Too Many Cuts to Education

No, They're not Erasing History

Tax Policy is out of Whack

GOP Tax Plan is a Scam

GOP is Wrong on Taxes



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